5 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Build Your Business Brand

use linkedin to build your business brand

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media platforms for businesses and professionals. It is a great lead generation and connection making tool that acts as a crucial branding tool for businesses. It also tops among the list of places to enhance brand recognition. Entrepreneurs and business professionals know the value of LinkedIn in strategic marketing and other aspects of branding.

Not every business becomes a multi-million dollar brand with instantly recognizable slogans and logos. Maybe you have already thought about building your brand or grow your business, but you need to think more on how to portray your business as a brand in the market or industry.


1. A Great Way to Market your Product Launch:

Lately, email marketing, banner ads and press release were used to be one of the best means for product marketing. Now, LinkedIn acts as an excellent supplier of new product information to interested groups. Moreover, businesses are showing increase in the interest for product launches on LinkedIn than any other social platform.


2. New Talent Search Made Simple:

As an Entrepreneur, if you’re looking to expand your business and need some professional manpower, there isn’t any better platform that matches LinkedIn’s quality reach. You can quickly come across a mass of qualified candidates through your first connections, discussion groups, general search, etc.

Professional social networking has recently become much more effective than the traditional job boards, staffing agencies, employment websites, etc.


3. A Great Tool for Lead Generation:

If you’re looking for an alternative to email marketing, banner ads and press releases, LinkedIn can be a highly effective tool. You can use this networking space to enhance your lead conversion rates and cost per lead (CPL) acquisition rates.

LinkedIn has launched Lead Generation Forms for sponsored content, which made it easy for advertisers to get quality leads from over 500 million professionals and influencers on LinkedIn, which has reduced the overall cost per lead (CPL) by over 20% for marketers.


4. A Powerful Content Marketing Platform:

LinkedIn has made posting quality content very easy. More than 40% of the LinkedIn members actively look for the new content every day. They are keen to share the new information with their connections. Thus, effective content marketing through LinkedIn has become one of the great ways to brand enhancement for any business. Consider this:

• Share content with your followers and connections openly.

• Get better access to potential customers via LinkedIn ads.


5. Become More Findable:

Better LinkedIn search engine visibility is the key to enhance the chances of success in marketing online. An optimized LinkedIn profile or page makes it easier for your prospects, potential customers and like-minded business professionals to find you and get in touch with you.


Consequently, branding on LinkedIn should come inherently for both beginner and experienced business person. As LinkedIn is continuously making progress in improving its features and services, it has become a feature-rich social media business hub that can greatly add to your branding efforts. Take the great chance to display your business perception and positioning in your industry, achievements, and what’s the best you have to offer to others. The platform has a great potential to become a one-stop platform for most of your branding needs.