Why Email Marketing Matters While Building Your Brand

build brand with email marketing

It can be very hard to decide where to spend your marketing budget. These days, more and more businesses are focusing on digital marketing opportunities to promote their brand and we completely agree with that approach. But there’s one platform that is often gets neglected, which is email.

With the increase of 1 billion email addresses during the span of last 3 years, confirming the on-going acceleration in the importance of the medium, Email Marketing has become quite impactful, accessible and a lucrative platform to market.

Here are the reasons why email marketing matters while building your brand:


  1. Biggest marketing platform in the world:

Email platform has more number of users than any of the ones available online and allows you to target your leads directly. Sounds good, isn’t it? Email is an online currency. Anyone who is spending time online has an email address. So, there’s no platform with a wider reach than email, when it comes to connecting with your prospects and potential customers.


  1. Directly targets your potential customers:

Email marketing is the easiest and most direct way to reach out to your potential customers. While social media success depends upon users following and keeping track with you, email marketing reaches straight into the inbox of your prospects without being followed by them. A research states that your message is 45 times more likely to be seen via email than on one certain social media channel.


  1. Builds relationship:

Building relationship is important when it comes to converting your leads successfully. Being an automated platform, it is much easier and straight forward to set up right message, at the right time and place.

Also, your content needs to be relevant and should offer some valuable information to the recipient of your mail. For example, if you run a health blog, you should consider creating email material that is about improving the quality of life. Giving a personalized touch to the message is crucial to reap the rewards of making the most out of this platform.


  1. Empowered by mobile marketing:

Mobile revolution is yielding businesses and marketers with the new and extraordinary ways to target and influence their potential customers, by allowing them to launch a successful email campaign to connect and communicate with new people. A recent study tells us that nearly 50% of the emails are getting accessed via mobile devices, rather than desktop.


  1. Offers measurable ROI:

Email marketing can outperform on relatively low cost as compared to other digital marketing platforms. Initially, the setup and implementation may cost higher, but once it is done, it takes very low cost on the maintenance as compared to its outcome. Also, there are many strategies one can implement to maximize their return on investment.


Nearly 50% of the online consumers prefer to communicate via email in order to get in touch with the businesses or brands. With those overwhelming statistics, email marketing has never been more relevant, than it is now. We firmly believe that a powerful email marketing campaign will strengthen your marketing game, while enhancing your ability to reach your prospects and target consumers.